Dredged and Warped

It’s the return of Bubsy

Except it isn’t.


Mock 1998 web design done (mostly) right.

Both this game and the site that’s hosting it bear Arcane Kids’ signature pixel-hewn style. AK’s games deconstruct childhood motifs and virtual environments, then expand their components into not-quite-parodic, but self-aware worlds in what they call a “maximalist” style similar to the game Symbol I wrote about before. It seems to poke fun at pretentious subcultures but is itself a member of what some deem a pretentious subculture, and thus pokes fun at itself. It suggests that what the childhood we hold in such mist-laden, whimsical regard is at the same time melancholic, and that embedded in these games there is a loss of innocence that was never quite there to begin with. Such an aesthetic resembles the Outsider art endemic to the Southern California surfer/skater culture that I grew up around. Maybe it means more to me for this reason. That and I saw that Turrell exhibit last summer and I thought that part was pretty amusing.

So yeah, go play it.


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