In lieu of last week’s post…

At the risk of merely copy and pasting another site’s article, I felt that this game deserved a special mention. Symbol (by Lilith) a horror game that places the player in that demarcated dead zone of video games, the null space in which the pillars of the game developers’ world begin to buckle and crumble. It’s the realm of the glitch. And seeing what was intended as an immersive dreamscape become a facade for the emotionless code (that otherwise gives the game life) underneath is terrifying. It reminds you that our constructs – and in turn, the people they embody – are fragile. This fragment of a player’s review does an superb job at describing just why this game speaks to us, as people who play video games:

I think what I appreciate most from this is that feeling that you’ve been placed into a world that has rules — maybe even customs — but even in feeling out what those systems are there’s this illusion, at least, of an always-receding ur-system, a dream logic you’re never going to fully have access to but which nonetheless feels tangible and gooey.

I think we can all relate to that first time we bugged a game out, and ran out of the room or sat perplexed in front of the CRT trying to figure out why playtime was suddenly over.

Our life might be likened to a puppet on a cart. As soon as one string is cut, the creature crumbles and fades.

I feel this quote by an unknown Rinzai Zen Buddhist Monk (1316?-1389) sums up my feelings on this game nicely.

You can download Symbol here:


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